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Custom Garage Service in Barrington, IL

Building Garages of all Shapes & Sizes

Just like a home, your new garage can be custom designed to suit your needs. GarageTek Of Chicagoland builds everything from one-car and multi-car garages to garages with living spaces. We are truly experts in custom garage installation in Barrington, IL. Many garages are dark, cold, uninsulated, and largely unused. Why settle for a typical garage? We know how to design customized and gorgeous garages. Let us work with you to accomplish your goals.

Completely Customized Garage Construction Services

Add storage space to your property with a custom garage. At our company, we focus on building garages of all types and sizes for residential and commercial customers. Allow us to handle your customized garage construction needs. Whether you need an addition to your current garage or an entirely new standalone building, we are here to help you – from design to construction to completion.

Why should you have to choose between storage options and style? Our designers and contractors create an attractive space to park your car, store your stuff, and even relax for a while. That’s because we are able to get creative with your garage. For instance, larger garages can accommodate recreational areas, living spaces, and laundry rooms.

Contact us if you need help in designing your new garage. We are proud to serve Barrington, IL, and the surrounding area.